Self-adhesive Label

  • Magnet Refrigerator Label

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    Magnet Refrigerator Label

    Magnet refrigerator label Product Description Magnetic refrigerator stickers can be divided into soft magnetic refrigerator stickers and hard magnetic refrigerator stickers as the name suggests is PVC material refrigerator stickers. Product Features It is suitable for brand...Read More

  • Sticky Red Wine Sticker Self-adhesive Label

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    Sticky Red Wine Sticker Self-adhesive Label

    Sticky red wine sticker Self-adhesive label Product Description The wine label is the identity card of the wine, which indicates the important information about this bottle of wine, and is also an important basis for choosing wine. There are two kinds of wine labels that are...Read More

  • Blank Print Self-adhesive Label

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    Blank Print Self-adhesive Label

    Blank print Self-adhesive label Product Description The blank label is suitable for printing in factories or companies. The print content is flexible and variable. Product Features According to the needs of factories and companies, use flexibly to meet different needs....Read More

  • A4 Dry Glue Printing Paper

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    A4 Dry Glue Printing Paper

    A4 dry glue printing paper Product Description A4 labels are mostly used for office printing stickers Product Features Size applicable to office printing, according to the needs of factories and companies, flexible use. Product Application It is mainly used for small batch,...Read More

  • Bar Code Printing Sticker Label

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    Bar Code Printing Sticker Label

    Bar code printing sticker label Product Description Most applications require that the number of each bar code is unique. In terms of cost and convenience, bar code printer is usually used to print barcode labels. Product Features 1. convenient and fast 2. reliability 3. high...Read More

  • Transparent Self-adhesive Label

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    Transparent Self-adhesive Label

    Transparent Self-adhesive label Product Description Products that use transparent, self-adhesive label printed products can make good and merchandise blend into one, and have better visual appreciation. Product Features High fluoroscopy rate, strong product, good resistance...Read More

Find professional self-adhesive label manufacturers and suppliers here. Please feel free to wholesale customized self-adhesive label for sale here from our factory. Also, free sample is available for quality checking.
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