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The Role Of The QR Code
Aug 15, 2018

1. Product anti-counterfeiting, manufacturers use two-dimensional code for product control, through the scanned QR code can find production batches, repair records, and other N information, management is very convenient, consumers can use mobile phones to scan QR codes Can identify the authenticity of the goods.

2, to the physical store with a mobile phone to scan the goods online price comparison, this barcode is also possible, no difference (the QR code generally does not repeat the product).

3. Use the QR code scanning software to scan the QR code on the display, you can quickly open the website or download the software directly without manual input.

4. Scan the QR code business card. For a business card with a QR code, you can quickly save the business card information into the mobile phone by swiping it with your mobile phone.

5. You can use your mobile phone to scan out the text information existing in the QR code and save it quickly.

6, there are also special software on the computer, you can generate, scan QR code, single scan requires high-end camera to carry out

7, using professional two-dimensional code generation software, you can increase the security function, such as the current train ticket QR code is encrypted, ID card information has been encrypted, you need to be linked to the Ministry of Railways internal network to unlock.

8, as a new generation of anti-counterfeiting labels --- two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting standard is also the most important! To the letter anti-counterfeiting, nowadays, the QR code anti-counterfeiting technology has been applied. Simply use the QR code software to scan the QR code on the QR code anti-counterfeit mark, and you can directly know the authenticity of the product!

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