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Basic Concept Of Film Paste
Aug 15, 2018

In-film sticking is a brand-new label packaging form that is different from traditional direct silk screen printing, heat shrink label and self-adhesive label. It has been popular in Europe and America for many years. After two or three years of watching, it has finally begun to be larger. Scale of application. In-mold paste is mainly used for blow molding and injection molding of PP, PE, PET and other materials, that is, before the blow molding and injection molding, the already printed in-mold label is placed in the blowing and injection molding cavity, when the mold is closed. During blowing and injection, the special adhesive in the mold is melted by the high temperature and high pressure in the mold, and the surface of the bottle or the injection molded part is melted. When the mold is opened, a bottle that has been printed beautifully or The note is completed in one go. In the past one or two years before and after 05, the in-film paste was used as an anti-counterfeiting function in China, because it was difficult to achieve the standard of labeling in the film at the time, and special machine injection molding was required. In 2009, most of the members of the European Union banned the import of melamine tableware, which led to the rapid development of PP-based film-applied tableware. The products in the film were really integrated into people's lives.

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