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A Small Trick To Remove The Sticker
Aug 15, 2018

1. Metal needle removal method: You need to prepare a metal needle or a toothpick, and prepare a rubber one. Pay attention to gently pick it up from one end, so it is possible to pick up the area of the big point.

2. Eraser: For some traces of residual adhesive on the surface, you can also rub it with an eraser and then remove the hair from the eraser.

3, direct trim: If there is stubborn self-adhesive on the carpet, then you can carefully trim the traces of the top of the carpet fluff directly, it will not affect the quality of the carpet.

4, hair dryer: For the plastic products above the stickers, you can use the hot file of the hair dryer to blow the adhesive, and then slowly tear off.

5, hot water: the traces of the residue first wet the towel with hot water, and then wipe repeatedly on the traces of self-adhesive, then damp the wet towel with soap, wipe repeatedly at the trace, and finally use a clean warm towel The soap can be wiped clean.

6, lemon juice: If these stickers get on the skin, you can use lemon juice to remove.

7, hand cream hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing the adhesive, because the hand cream contains a lot of water, and the water contains a certain amount of surfactant.

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