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Weaving cloth label, another modification of clothing
Aug 15, 2018

Weaving is actually similar to the hangtag of various commodities in our lives, except that it is different from ordinary hangtags. As the name suggests, weaving words are woven, cloth products, which are trademarks woven on a wide variety of clothing, and are woven with special looms. It can be a variety of expressions such as text, patterns, letters, random combinations of colors, and so on. Weaving is not only a sign of a commodity, but also an ornament of a product, because its unique weaving method and pattern text have a decorative effect on many clothing.

The role of weaving is very wide. Compared with the main body inside the collar, the woven products on the outside of the clothes are more important. For example, the woven fabric on the outside of the jeans is good in quality. Bad determines the appearance of the jeans. If the woven fabric can be easily damaged, then the jeans are not only unsightly, but also affect the use of the jeans to a certain extent. Therefore, the role of the woven fabric is still very wide, and the quality is selected. Superior weaving is important.

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