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Small clothing weaving effect
Aug 15, 2018

Clothing weaving marks are made of cotton, linen, silk, wool, acrylic fiber, polyester, viscose fiber, anti-counterfeiting weaving marks, etc. According to the production process is divided into plane, forged surface, burning edge, weaving edge and other special processes; according to the function is divided into main mark, side mark, collar mark, hanging mark, washing mark, anti-counterfeiting weaving Mark and so on.

Increasingly fierce brand competition has made clothing looms that have not been valued before, gradually becoming important. Although it only occupies a small position in the clothes, the clothing weaving endorsements the meaning of the brand characteristics, which is between the clothing brands. An effective carrier for identification. Apparel woven trademarks have certain standards in fabrics and production, such as the newly launched anti-counterfeiting woven and environmentally friendly garments. As people's requirements for wearing comfort, safety and functionality are improved, the quality requirements for garment woven fabrics are becoming higher and higher.

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