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How to distinguish between woven trademarks and silk screen trademarks?
Aug 15, 2018

1. Weaving trademark

The weaving method is the same as the weaving. The weaving marks are all yarns to express the pattern. The weaving is different from the original graphic design. Therefore, it is impossible to make a large product without a small sample. The cost of the cloth label is not only the width. The total length of each color, in addition to the process, there is also the variety of yarns used, JB series yarns are commonly used internationally.

2. Silk screen trademark

The silk screen trademark is printed on the cloth according to the printing principle. The silk screen trademark looks more beautiful than the woven label, the surface is more delicate and smooth, and is generally used for high-grade clothing trademarks. It is more suitable for high-quality large-volume paper printing and silk screen printing. It is a very flexible processing technology. Features: Low plate making cost, basically suitable for any media printing: paper, plastic, pvc material, cloth, glass, etc.

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