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How should the self-adhesive material be tested for appearance quality before printing?
Aug 15, 2018

(1) Check the material for burrs. The printed material should be smooth and free of any damage, so as to ensure the printing quality.

(2) Whether the material has cracks. If there is, please filter out. The printed materials should be free of cracks. Cracks may occur because the cutting tools are not well adjusted or the blades are not profitable. We should understand these and some Cracks are very small and need to be carefully seen to find out.

(3) Whether the edge of the material is stuck or not, and whether the bottom paper has leaked silicon, these are important points and must be checked clearly.

(4) Whether the material has a straight surface or not, and there is no consistency in the rewinding.

(5) What type of adhesive is it, whether it is a self-adhesive, whether it is a heat sealant or a glued paper.

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