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Classification of self-adhesive label materials
Aug 15, 2018

There are many classification methods for self-adhesive labels. Users also have different names in the process of use. The commonly used classification methods are as follows:

First, according to the characteristics of the adhesive, the classification is divided into permanent self-adhesive materials and removable self-adhesive materials.

Second, according to the adhesive coating technology classification. It is divided into hot-melt adhesive materials, solvent-based self-adhesive materials and emulsion-type self-adhesive materials.

Third, according to the chemical characteristics of the adhesive, there are two types of self-adhesive materials: rubber-based and acrylic-based.

Fourth, according to the characteristics of the surface material. Divided into paper self-adhesive materials, film self-adhesive materials and special self-adhesive materials,

Fifth, according to the characteristics of the bottom paper. Divided into opaque backing paper (thick back paper), semi-transparent backing paper (thin backing paper) and transparent backing paper three kinds of self-adhesive materials.

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