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Anti-counterfeiting technology for security labels
Aug 15, 2018

1. Tuanhua: Print the pattern of various flowers on the anti-counterfeit label. It also has high technical appreciation while anti-counterfeiting. It can also design personalized anti-counterfeit label by combining with product and company image.

2. Shading: It is to regularly and continuously connect various elements in accordance with regularity and continuity, but it is an element of straight line, curve, corrugated line, etc., which is often used for the anti-counterfeiting mark on the document.

3. Lace: used for printing on the edge of the product, with a variety of different composite lace, by changing its elements and colors have reached the role of decoration and anti-counterfeiting.

4. Latent Shadow: Print the relevant words and patterns in the print, giving the impression that the text and the pattern are lurking in the print.

5. Embossing: The use of relief processing, using lines for shading, such anti-counterfeiting label technology is widely used.

6. Microfilm: The text is reduced to a size that cannot be changed by the naked eye. This anti-counterfeiting technology is simple in design and very effective.

7. Anti-scanning: Lines that can no longer be rendered using modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photo-engraving can prevent prints from being copied.

8. Image processing: using different lines, combined with the background pattern of the printed matter, and then generating various anti-counterfeiting effects according to different data programs.

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